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SAE is recognized globally as a resource for mobility engineering technology information. This Engine Technology Showcase is your one-stop resource for the latest engineering books, standards, articles and events related to internal combustion and hybrid electic engines.

About Engine Technology

"How Car Engines Work" from Howstuffworks.com
"How Rotary Engines Work" from Howstuffworks.com
"How Two-stroke Engines Work" from Howstuffworks.com

Engine News

">Cylinder deactivation for the Hemi
GM gives new 3900 V6 advanced technology

Engine Spotlight

Automotive Handbook, 5th Edition
Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition Engines 2003  


Advanced Developments in Ultra-Clean Gasoline-Powered Vehicles
Automotive Engineering Fundamentals
Hybrid Powered Vehicles
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More Engine and Propulsion books and paper collections
More Hybrid Propulsion Engines books and paper collections
More Spark-Ignition Engines books and paper collections


Recommended Practice for Identification of Standardized Truck and Tractor Electrical Circuits
Procedure for Evaluating Transient Response of Small Engine Driven Generator Sets
More Engine Component standards
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More Spark-Ignition Engines standards

Events & Training

The Basics of Internal Combustion Engines e-Seminar
Diesel Engine Technology e-Seminar
Designing Electronic Powertrain Controls Symposium
Diesel Engine Technology Academy
Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Symposium
Small Engine Technology Conference & Exhibition (SETC)
More Engines and Propulsion seminars
More Ground Vehicle events

Technical Papers

Advances in fuel injection
Heavy-duty visions
More individual Engine Component papers
More individual Engine and Propulsion papers
More individual Hybrid Propulsion Engines papers
More individual Spark-Ignition Engines papers

Web/CD Products

Diesel Engines Technology Collection on CD-ROM
Emissions Technology Collection on CD-ROM
Spark-Ignition Engines Technology Collection on CD-ROM
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Magazine Articles

">Deere adds another front mower with diesel power
">Mitsubishi Electric builds all-weather dyno chamber
">Mini four-strokes from Honda
">Jaguar's diesel arrives